Map. History of Puerto Rico conflict

16 December 2017
President Trump: Puerto Rico is "doing wellit's healing, and it's getting better. We're getting them power, and all of the things they have to have."
"They're doing well there. It's healing. They're getting better," @POTUS says of Puerto Rico recovery.
FEMA awarded $30 million in contracts for Puerto Rico storm victims to an unproven Florida company that failed to supply the aid, according to the AP.
US awarded $30M in contracts for Puerto Rico storm victims to unproven Florida company that failed to supply aid
@SenSanders: It would be absurd to rebuild Puerto Rico's antiquated, fossil fuel-dependent grid back the way it was. We must take advantage of the abundant sustainable energy they have.
@SenSanders: The people of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are not forgotten, they are not alone, and we will do everything possible to rebuild those beautiful islands.
70% of Americans — with majorities in both parties — think that Puerto Rico is not getting the help it needs in the wake of Hurricane Maria's destruction, according to a new poll
Whitefish Energy says it will resume repair work on Puerto Rico's power infrastructure following "good faith" payment by PREPA.
“There is no brand that went up like the Coast Guard” after the hurricanes in Texas, the Gulf Coast and Puerto Rico, @POTUS tells @USCG personnel.
More than 156,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to Florida since Hurricane Maria hit the island in September. That influx could swing the critical swing state to Democrats in 2018, 2020 and beyond.
1000s of Puerto Ricans taking to Independence Ave. 60 days after Maria
Co-chair’s rousing speech with an anti-colonial tone. “We’re going to take back Puerto Rico today we’re declaring our independence.” #UnityMarchForPuertoRico
That’s one *massive* Puerto Rican flag out back. #UnityMarchForPuertoRico
Big crowd. “Puerto Rico se levanta,” they shout in unison. PR rises. #UnityMarchForPuertoRico
Sanders says additional disaster relief funding - in addition to today's $44-billion - will be requested after review of Puerto Rican needs is completed.
@SenSanders: Two months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are still living in misery. As a nation we must do better.
@SenSanders: We are the wealthiest country in the history of the world. How is it possible that 2 months after Hurricane Maria half the people of Puerto Rico don't have electricity?
Puerto Rico hit by massive new power outage
@SenWarren: This is important. @realDonaldTrump has cited the death count to argue his disaster response to Puerto Rico was top notch. It appears many hurricane deaths are going uncounted. Each day that passes makes it tougher to figure out the true total.
@SenWarren: Puerto Rican officials have announced a jump in deaths since Hurricane Maria, but the official hurricane death toll is still just 55.
Puerto Rico in need of 'unprecedented $21bn aid' to recover from Hurricane Maria
@SenSanders: About 70% of Puerto Rico still has no power, as many as 900 could be dead and thousands need food, shelter and clean water. We must help.
@NYGovCuomo says he will deploy utility crews and equipment to Puerto Rico following Whitefish controversy.
Puerto Rico Energy Power Authority chief announces cancellation of controversial $300 million Whitefish contract.
Bernie Sanders: We cannot simply rebuild Puerto Rico the way it was. We must go forward to create a strong, sustainable economy and energy system in PR
Press Sec. says "federal government has nothing to do" with controversial Whitefish Energy contract in Puerto Rico
Federal gov't "had nothing to do" with contract given to @WhitefishEnergy in Puerto Rico, says @PressSec.
[email protected] tells @jonkarl federal government wasn't involved in $300M-contract tiny Montana company got for energy work in Puerto Rico
35 Senate Democrats are demanding the Trump admin expedite and better coordinate recovery efforts on Puerto Rico and USVI
FEMA statement makes clear the agency had no role in okaying Whitefish Energy power contract in Puerto Rico